Leaving Africa but taking the memories of a lifetime

I have been truly blessed to see and what I have done in the past 26 days!!  My life and the world in which we live in… is an amazing extraordinary place.  I have seen such poverty and lack of the things we know and have. But I have seen such joy and happiness and color in the lives of people that enjoy simple basic things.  The love of family and friends is universal.  The beauty and limitless awe of nature will always be in my heart.

I have made new friends and will treasure them, as our guide Ayubu said “we came as visitors but we leave as family.” I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for a land that has given me the experience of a lifetime.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible in the same remarkable way without my dear friend Natalie- I met Natalie while substitute teaching 3 years ago. She had been on Safari and wanted to come back. I understand why! Natalie has been a friend and inspiration (never met a harder worker or more independent spirited person) and to have shared these adventures with her, has bonded us forever. Ashanti sang Natalie!

I am looking forward to coming home. I’ve missed you all and send my love. I hope the last 26 days has been good for you and kept you in good health and happiness.

Now promise me you will watch my slide show. Just kidding

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