Goodbye to the Serengeti and Jambo to Zanzibar

The last 10 days on Safari have been incredible!

Landed at 3:00pm in Zanzibar with only our lightest bags. ( 18 kilos allowed on the small bush planes) Our pilot was from Dubai,  20 years old😉 – He had studied in the US and said he knew what he was doing. 😁 Ayubu and the great staff at Destination Safarias will bring our bags to Dar es Salem on the 4th. We left our mountain gear and souvenir bags with them. 😎 Great to have a lighter load.

I will be backtracking on this adventure because each lodge or tent /lodge said they had internet but it was spotty – in and out- mostly out. Here at the Tembo Hotel in Zanzibar it is working so I will recap some things. Really there is too much to put down so photos will speak volumes.

Getting  back in the evening, we were ready for  a shower, supper and bed. Many of the lodges are run on solar and back up generators . We were escorted to our tent in the evening- to make sure we were not taken by hyenas or a scavenger of the night.  Early breakfasts, usually buffet style, a beautiful array of muffins,  fruits and vegetables- roasted tomatos were fabulous, and omelettes made to order, an assortment of meats, and juices of all kinds.

The first days of the Safari were in Tangangire National Park, where we were greeted by a herd of Elephants playing in the mud. We had a box lunch – one of many over the  following days, usually consisting  of yogurt, an apple or banana- I always took two-Ayubu liked to take mine- after all I was in his “office”,  a cucumber/tomato sandwich, a hard boiled egg and mango juice.

Note-  I go right to describing the food. My appetite on the mountain was about zero… it picked up again at lower elevation. 🍎

The baby elephants were enjoying themselves (and so was I ) – my introduction into the beautiful Tanzanian landscape with the abundant wildlife. Giraffes started poking their heads out and zebras fascinating to me, a bit skittish when our Land Rover bumped bummed down the road. Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes?  Gazelles galore, graceful impalas,  laughing hyenas, birds  and birds and more birds- over 540 species. Ayubu didn’t miss any!

Ayubu was our guide for the Safari- we spent a lot of time together- much of the time laughing.   Sad to leave him today. ” We came as visitors and we leave as family”  Ayubu has a vast knowledge of wildlife. Many years of study and training and years and years of experience.  He brought light and love for Tanzania, his family and nature and  gave me an experience I will never forget.  He wore a blue Tanzanian shirt- So Natalie and I got ours to match. We became identical triplets and everyone commented on our team Tanzania. Everyone wanted to be part of our group.!  We are always laughing and having fun. He would tell stories and was keen to every spot or movement and knew exactly where the animals were.  Ayubu was in charge of us… he picked us after climbing Kilimanjaro and has been our superior guide- extraordinaire. I called him my Italian guide because he had learned some Italian with some clients. And he was always up for a good laugh or story. I had alittle blue book that I started while climbing with words or phrases in Swahili, nature- pearls of wisdom. I referred to it as the Book  of Ayubu. I  sat in front next to him ” (a bit of motion sickness issue). My new office- cameras charged and ready  to “Rock and Roll.” Boy did we rock and roll  (bumpy roads ….. washboards and pot holes that make Minnesota roads like glass on early morning lake.  I would jump in the back seat ready to take photos under the raised roof.   I was not very graceful but it worked.   My knees were still recovering from the Kilimanjaro descent. Glad to say they have. I thought they looked like elephant knees! Very swollen. Well at least I will never blow over in a storm.  Most of the Nat’l parks don’t allow you to get out of you vehicles. We did find designated picnic areas and occasional toilettes… sometimes standing sometimes sitting but no tp😏 . We learned to take some in our pockets straight away.    Slightly concerned about getting out of the rover for the first time to go behind the vehicle wondering if an animal might come for me. I have been so used to staying hydrated and now the bumpy roads well…. Will stop with that-  TMI

Going to post this now with some photos before I loose connection. 4 days in Zanzibar and then returning home.

Living Large in Zanzibar,

Love Kari

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