About Kari

90680 Kari Graven Postcard-GirlSince the age of three, I have been painting on everything imaginable, including walls!

The first time I colored on the walls, my older brother Mark “tattled” on me. Instead of scolding me, my mother enrolled me in art classes. I began at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Saturday mornings were my favorite day of the week. I can vividly remember walking to class, my red patent leather shoes clicking on the white marble floors. I knew then that I wanted to be an artist. In college I participated in the Florence Abroad Program and at the Academe Della Bella Arte in Florence, Italy, which sealed my artistic destiny.

There has never been a time in my life that ART has not been the heart and soul/core of my passion. On several occasions in my DSCN0485lifetime, I have traveled extensively and lived throughout the United States, Central America and Europe. The natural beauty of the land, flora and fauna are a constant source of inspiration to me. Stylistically and emotionally, the Impressionists and Expressionists speak to my artistic palette.

My love of COLOR and the experiences of my life and adventures are what I like to share with people.
Family, friends, food, travel and the beauty around me are a constant source of inspiration.

I am an enthusiastic art educator, believing that everyone has creative ability within themselves. It is my hope and desire that I can inspire others through my art and enthusiasm for its creation.

Although my “artistic canvas” varies, my love of color is always present. Watercolors were my first love, but my artistic dimension is shown in the creation of a collectible figurine line, hand-painted sportswear, dishes, photographs, murals and house portraits, oils and acrylics. If you stand next to me long enough, I will paint on you, too! : )

I am passionate about creating and sharing my joy of life and love of color with others. My hope is that you will find this through my art work.

Colorfully, Kari

Colorful Kari

Professional Affiliations:

NEMAA Member – Minneapolis, MN

TEFL Certified – TEFL Institute, Chicago, IL

PEO Organization Member

Chef’s Diploma – Parisian Cooking School, Tuscon, AZ

BS in Art Education – University of Minnesota- Minneapolis

BS in Fine Arts – University of Wisconsin- Madison

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